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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by Cornwall Record Office, Truro
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FalmouthShipping Register Index, 1843-1855MSR/FAL/1 
Shipping Register Index, 1855-1866MSR/FAL/2 
Shipping Register, 1866-1884MSR/FAL/3 
Register of Transactions, 1849-1897MSR/FAL/4 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1903-1923MSR/FAL/5 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1923-1989MSR/FAL/6 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1957-1989MSR/FAL/7 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1967-1989MSR/FAL/8 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1975-1989MSR/FAL/9 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1981-1989MSR/FAL/10 
Shipping Register, 1884-1906MSR/FAL/12 
Shipping Register, 1906-1924MSR/FAL/13 
Shipping Register, 1924-1947MSR/FAL/14 
Shipping Register, 1947-1963MSR/FAL/15 
Shipping Register, 1963-1968MSR/FAL/16 
Shipping Register, 1968-1972MSR/FAL/17 
Shipping Register, 1972-1976MSR/FAL/18 
Shipping Register, 1976-1981MSR/FAL/19 
Shipping Register, 1981-1987MSR/FAL/20 
FoweyShipping Register, 1786-1823MSR/FOW/1 
Shipping Register, 1824-1833MSR/FOW/2 
Shipping Register, 1833-1844MSR/FOW/3 
Shipping Register, 1844-1855MSR/FOW/4 
Shipping Register, 1855-1872MSR/FOW/5 
Shipping Register, 1872-1890MSR/FOW/6 
Register of Transactions, 1856-1880MSR/FOW/7 
Register of Transactions, 1866-1883MSR/FOW/8 
Register of Transactions, 1880-1890MSR/FOW/9 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1902-1936MSR/FOW/10 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1908-1989MSR/FOW/11 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1945-1989MSR/FOW/12 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1963-1989MSR/FOW/13 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1972-1989MSR/FOW/14 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1979-1989MSR/FOW/15 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1984-1989MSR/FOW/16 
Shipping Register, 1891-1949MSR/FOW/17 
Register of Transactions, 1889-1988MSR/FOW/18 
Shipping Register, 1949-1988MSR/FOW/19 
Shipping Register, 1970-1988MSR/FOW/20 
Register of Transactions, 1904-1985MSR/FOW/21 
Transfer Book, 1988-1992MSR/FOW/22 
HayleShipping Register, 1864-1879MSR/HAY/1 
LooeShipping Register, 1824-1834MSR/LOO/1 
PadstowShipping Register, 1824-1831MSR/PAD/1 
Shipping Register, 1831-1848MSR/PAD/2 
Shipping Register, 1848-1854MSR/PAD/3 
Shipping Register, 1855MSR/PAD/4 
Shipping Register, 1855-1869MSR/PAD/5 
Shipping Register, 1869-1879MSR/PAD/6 
Shipping Register, 1880-1892MSR/PAD/7 
Register of Transactions, 1855-1871MSR/PAD/8 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1879-1980MSR/PAD/9 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1902-1989MSR/PAD/10 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1961-1989MSR/PAD/11 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1975-1989MSR/PAD/12 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1986-1989MSR/PAD/13 
Shipping Register, 1893-1987MSR/PAD/14 
Register of Transactions, 1901-1988MSR/PAD/15 
Appropriation book, 1855-1989MSR/PAD/16 
Shipping Transfers, 1988-1992MSR/PAD/17 
PenzanceShipping register, 1786-1823MSR/PENZ/1 
Shipping register, 1830-1855MSR/PENZ/2 
Shipping register, 1855-1875MSR/PENZ/3 
Shipping register, transfers, 1826-1926MSR/PENZ/4 
Index of fishing vessels, 1869-1881MSR/PENZ/5 
Index of fishing vessels, 1869-1893MSR/PENZ/6 
Index to fishing vessels and transfers, 1869-1902MSR/PENZ/7 
Index of fishing vessels, 1894-1900MSR/PENZ/8 
Index of fishing vessels, 1902-1938MSR/PENZ/9 
Index of fishing vessels, 1902-1914MSR/PENZ/10 
Index of fishing vessels, 1914-1937MSR/PENZ/11 
Register of fishing vessels, 1938-1989MSR/PENZ/12 
Register of fishing vessels, 1949-1989MSR/PENZ/13 
Register of fishing vessels, 1966-1989MSR/PENZ/14 
Register of fishing vessels, 1971-1989MSR/PENZ/15 
Register of fishing vessels, 1977-1989MSR/PENZ/16 
Register of fishing vessels, 1981-1989MSR/PENZ/17 
Register of fishing vessels, 1988-1989MSR/PENZ/18 
Shipping register, 1875-1923MSR/PENZ/19 
Shipping register, 1923-1974MSR/PENZ/20 
Register transactions., 1974-1986MSR/PENZ/21 
Register transactions, 1986-1988MSR/PENZ/22 
Appropriation book, 1855-1974MSR/PENZ/23 
Transfer book, 1989-1993MSR/PENZ/24 
ScillyShipping Register, 1786-1823MSR/SCI/1 
Shipping Register, 1824-1844MSR/SCI/2 
Shipping Register, 1844-1855MSR/SCI/3 
Register of Transactions, 1855-1887MSR/SCI/4 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1903-1989MSR/SCI/5 
Appropriation Book, 1855-1991MSR/SCI/6 
St IvesShipping Register, 1786-1823MSR/IVES/1 
Shipping Register, 1824-1830MSR/IVES/2 
Shipping Register, 1831-1844MSR/IVES/3 
Shipping Register, 1844-1855MSR/IVES/4 
Shipping Register, 1855- 1879MSR/IVES/5 
Transactions Book, 1854-1901MSR/IVES/6 
Register of Transfers, 1882-1896MSR/IVES/7 
Register of Transfers, 1901-1917MSR/IVES/8 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1882-1902MSR/IVES/9 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1902-1989MSR/IVES/10 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1973-1989MSR/IVES/11 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1887-1989MSR/IVES/12 
Shipping Register, 1880-1950MSR/IVES/13 
Transactions Book, 1934-1986MSR/IVES/14 
Appropriation book, 1855-1992MSR/IVES/15 
Registry Papers, UndatedMSR/IVES/16 
TruroShipping Register Index, 1824-1848MSR/TRU/1 
Shipping Register Index, 1848-1855MSR/TRU/2 
Shipping Register, 1855-1909MSR/TRU/3 
Register of Shipping Vessels, 1869-1900MSR/TRU/4 
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1902-1989MSR/TRU/5 
Shipping Register, 1912-1985MSR/TRU/6 
Appropriation book, 1955-1986MSR/TRU/7 
Transfer book, 1989-1993MSR/TRU/8 
Register of Transactions, 1855-1927MSR/TRU/9 
Source and copyright for this data: Archives online catalogue.

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