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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by Carlisle Archive Centre, Carlisle
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CarlisleShipping register, 7 Oct 1786-12 Apr 1821TSR/4/1 
Shipping register, 19 Mar 1823-13 Dec 1838TSR/4/2 
Shipping register, 24 Jan 1839-16 Apr 1855TSR/4/3 
Register of transactions, Nov 1830-27 Jul 1886TSR/4/4 
Shipping register, 31 Jul 1855-27 Jul 1886TSR/4/5 
Ships registration papers, 1836-1975TSR/7/1-53 
MaryportShipping register, 22 Jun 1838-15 Apr 1852TSR/2/1 
Shipping register, 16 Sep 1852-23 Apr 1855TSR/2/2 
Register of transactions, 26 Sep 1838-26 Sep 1853TSR/2/3 
Register of transactions, 12 Oct 1841-1883TSR/2/4 
Register of transactions, 1882-1898TSR/2/5 
Shipping register, 13 Jul 1855-21 Nov 1866TSR/2/6 
Shipping register, 23 Feb 1867-1 Jan 1897TSR/2/7 
Shipping register, 27 Aug 1897-16 Feb 1933TSR/2/8 
Ships registration papers, 1826-1966TSR/8/1-294 
Appropriation book, 1855-1909TSR/8/303 
Register of fishing boats, 1902-1986TSR/8/316 
Register of fishing boats, 1970-1988TSR/8/317 
SillothRegister of fishing vessels, 1 Apr 1869-28 Dec 1901TSR/5/1 
Ships registration papers, 1883-1989TSR/9/1-33 
Register of fishing boats, 1904-1988TSR/9/70 
Source and copyright for this data: Archives online catalogue.

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