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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by Glamorgan Archives, Cardiff
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CardiffShipping Register, 1824-1837DRBS/1/1 
Shipping Register, 1838-1855DRBS/1/2 
Shipping Register, 1855-1865DRBS/1/3 
Shipping Register, 1866-1881DRBS/1/4 
Shipping Register, 1881-1885DRBS/1/5 
Shipping Register, 1885-1895DRBS/1/6 
Shipping Register, 1895-1901DRBS/1/7 
Shipping Register, 1901-1906DRBS/1/8 
Shipping Register, 1906-1912DRBS/1/9 
Shipping Register, 1912-1916DRBS/1/10 
Shipping Register, 1916-1920DRBS/1/11 
Shipping Register, 1920-1924DRBS/1/12 
Shipping Register, 1924-1937DRBS/1/13 
Shipping Register, 1937-1953DRBS/1/14 
Shipping Register, 1953-1971DRBS/1/15 
Shipping Register, 1971-1982DRBS/1/16 
Shipping Register, 1982-1987DRBS/1/17 
Shipping Register, 1988-1994DRBS/1/18 
Transaction Register, 1855-1878DRBS/2/1 
Transaction Register, 1871-1875DRBS/2/2 
Transaction Register, 1875-1878DRBS/2/3 
Transaction Register, 1878-1879DRBS/2/4 
Transaction Register, 1879-1880DRBS/2/5 
Transaction Register, 1880-1883DRBS/2/6 
Transaction Register, 1880-1883DRBS/2/7 
Transaction Register, 1883-1885DRBS/2/8 
Transaction Register, 1883-1886DRBS/2/9 
Transaction Register, 1885-1888DRBS/2/10 
Transaction Register, 1886-1889DRBS/2/11 
Transaction Register, 1888-1890DRBS/2/12 
Transaction Register, 1889-1891DRBS/2/13 
Transaction Register, 1890-1942DRBS/2/14 
Transaction Register, 1891-1932DRBS/2/15 
Transaction Register, 1870-1928DRBS/2/16 
Volume of manuscript orders from the Board of Customs, 1897-1907DRBS/3/1 
Index to ships begun c1981 with later additions, c1924-1994DRBS/4 
Port of Cardiff ship registration papers, 1911-1993DRBS/5 
Register of Fishing Boats, 1970-1989DRBS/6 
Source and copyright for this data: A2A

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