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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by Gloucestershire Archives, Gloucester
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GloucesterRegister of ships, 1824-1826D4292/1/1 
Register of ships, 1826-1834D4292/1/2 
Register of ships, 1834-1840D4292/1/3 
Register of ships, 1840-1850D4292/1/4 
Register of ships, 1850-1855D4292/1/5 
Register of ships, 1855-1869D4292/1/6 
Register of ships, 1870-1877D4292/1/7 
Register of ships, 1887-1911D4292/1/8 
Register of ships, 1913-1951D4292/1/9 
Register of ships, 1951-1976D4292/1/10 
Register of ships, 1979-1988D4292/1/11 
Additional papers, 1989-1992D4292/1/12 
Transactions register, 1855-1890D4292/2/1 
Transactions register, 1872-1904D4292/2/2 
Transactions register, 1887-1985D4292/2/3 
Vessel ownership documents, 1848-1989D4292/3 
Alphabetic list of ships registered in Gloucester, 1836-1994D4292/4/2 
Appropriation book, 1855-1994D4292/4/3 
Source and copyright for this data: Archive online catalogue, A2A

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