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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by Gwent Archives, Ebbw Vale
PortTitleReferenceLinks to indexes
ChepstowRegister of ships, 1786-1823D.1847.11 
Register of ships, 1824-1838D.1847.12 
Register of ships, 1839-1855D.1847.13 
Register of ships, 1854-1881D.1847.14 
Register of transactions, 1855-1919D.1847.15 
Appropriations book, 1855-1880D.1847.16 
NewportRegister of ships, 1824-D.1847.1 
Register of ships, 1837-1855D.1847.2 
Register of ships, 1855-1868D.1847.3By folio | By name | By ON
Register of ships, 1868-1876D.1847.4 
Register of ships, 1877-1884D.1847.5 
Register of transactions, 1855-1935D.1847.6 
Register of transactions, 1905-1938D.1847.7 
Alphabetic list of ships registered, NewportD.1847.8 
Annual account of ships register, NewportD.1847.9 
Annual and quinqennial registry returns, NewportD.1847.10 
Register of ships, 1884-1909D.1847.17 
Ship's record booksD.2795 
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