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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln
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BostonRegister of ships, 1827-1836MSR/BOSTON/1/1 
Register of ships, 1836-1845MSR/BOSTON/1/2 
Register of ships, 1846-1855MSR/BOSTON/1/3 
Register of ships, 1855-1892MSR/BOSTON/1/4 
Register of fishing boats, 1869-1896MSR/BOSTON/2/1 
Register of fishing boats, 1896-1901MSR/BOSTON/2/2 
Transactions book, 1855-1926MSR/BOSTON/4 
Index of registered ships, BostonMSR/BOSTON/5 
Register of steam boat certificatesMSR/BOSTON/6 
Account bookMSR/BOSTON/7 
Register of vessels entering and leaving dockMSR/BOSTON/8/1 
Register of vessels entering and leaving dockMSR/BOSTON/8/2 
Harbour tonnage and lastage dues bookMSR/BOSTON/9 
Harbour wharfage account bookMSR/BOSTON/10 
Dock Master's financial statement bookMSR/BOSTON/11 
GainsboroughShipping register, 1841-1854MSR/GAINSBOROUGH/1 
Shipping register, 1856-1879MSR/GAINSBOROUGH/2 
Transaction BookMSR/GAINSBOROUGH/3 
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