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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by West Glamorgan Archive Service, Swansea
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Port TalbotShipping register, 1905-1974D/D PRO/RBS/PT 1/1 
Register of Fishing Boats, 1917-1973D/D PRO/RBS/PT 2/1 
SwanseaShipping register, 1824-1828D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/1 
Shipping register, 1828-1839D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/2 
Shipping register, 1839-1851D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/3 
Shipping register, 1851-1855D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/4 
Shipping register, 1855-1866D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/5 
Shipping register, 1866-1876D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/6 
Shipping register, 1876-1897D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/7 
Shipping register, 1898-1907D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/8 
Shipping register, 1908-1917D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/9 
Shipping register, 1935-1973D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/10 
Shipping register, 1973-1988D/D PRO/RBS/S 1/11 
Index to shipping registers, 1856-1993D/D PRO/RBS/S 1a/1 
Transaction register, 1855-1876D/D PRO/RBS/S 2/1 
Transaction register, 1876-1883D/D PRO/RBS/S 2/2 
Transaction register, 1883-1887D/D PRO/RBS/S 2/3 
Transaction register, 1887-1895D/D PRO/RBS/S 2/4 
Transaction register, 1895-1934D/D PRO/RBS/S 2/5 
Register of fishing boats, 1903-1935D/D PRO/RBS/S 3/1 
Register of fishing boats, 1935-1988D/D PRO/RBS/S 3/2 
Register of yachts, 1988-1994D/D PRO/RBS/S 4/1 
Source and copyright for this data: A2A and archives online catalogue.

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