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Shipping registers
Shipping registers held by East Sussex Record Office, Lewes
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NewhavenRegister, 1856-1895RSS/3/1/1 
Register, 1896-1951RSS/3/1/2 
Register, 1952-1971RSS/3/1/3 
Register, 1971-1972RSS/3/1/4 
Register, 1972-1981RSS/3/1/5 
Register, 1981-1988RSS/3/1/6 
Register, 1988-1993RSS/3/1/7 
Transactions register, 1884-1959RSS/3/2/1 
Transactions register, 1991-1993RSS/3/2/2 
Appropriation book, 1855-1989RSS/5/1 
Deeds book,1886-1896RSS/5/1 
Fees and deeds book, 1896-1957RSS/6/1 
Fees and deeds book, 1957-1989RSS/6/2 
Copy returns, 1930-1992RSS/7/1 
Register of fishing boats number 1RSS/8/1 
Register number 2RSS/8/2 
Register number 3, 1917-1940RSS/8/3 
Register number 4, 1939-1966RSS/8/4 
Register number 5, 1967-1976RSS/8/5 
Register number 6, 1977-1981RSS/8/6 
Register number 7, 1982-1988RSS/8/7 
Ship's registration papersRSS/12 
RyeRegister, 1855-1894RSS/4/1/1 
Register, 1895-1951RSS/4/1/2 
Register 1, 1933-1963RSS/4/1/3 
Register 2, 1963-1970RSS/4/1/4 
Register 3, 1970-1976RSS/4/1/5 
Register 4, 1977-1982RSS/4/1/6 
Register 5, 1982-1987RSS/4/1/7 
Register, book 1, 1989-1993RSS/4/1/8 
Transactions register, 1861-1946RSS/4/2/1 
Transactions register, 1958-1994RSS/4/2/2 
Register number 1A, 1924-1966RSS/9/1 
Register number 1, 1902-1939RSS/9/2 
Register number 2, 1939-1943RSS/9/3 
Register number 3, 1943-1952RSS/9/4 
Register number 4, 1951-1973RSS/9/5 
Register number 5, 1973-1988RSS/9/6 
Certificates of registryRSS/10 
Appropriation book, 1985-1992RSS/11/1 
Ship's registration papersRSS/13 
Source and copyright for this data: A2A

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