Search for the ship DUNVEGAN CASTLE before 1904

Advanced search for ships

This search engine looks for records of ships in the CLIP databases, using CLIP know-how to guide the search. These are the steps it takes:

  1. Tidy the input data, for example by expanding abbreviations, interpreting port information and adding alternatives.
  2. Search the database using the ship's name and the target date, with official number and port if available.
    This search looks for matches in our Appropriation Books and Mercantile Navy List (MNL) data. Our MNL data is mostly every tenth year (1860, 1870, 1880 etc), so a match will be returned if the ship is in MNL at any time prior to the target date or the next MNL year above. For example, a target date of 1885 will return any match earlier than 1885 and also any match for 1890.
    These first results are then weeded, to remove instances where the ship's registration had been closed before the target date, or where the ship was first registered after the target date.
  3. If the first search fails to produce any matches, the search is repeated looking for matches for any port.
  4. If that fails, the system makes a sounds-like (soundex) search, first with then without port data.

If these searches fail to find a match, there is a link to the CLIP ship search page, which allows flexible searches which might produce a hit.
The search results are colour-coded, like this:
  Good match, with MNL data close to the target date.
  Fair match, with MNL data fairly close to the target date.
  Poor match, with MNL data much earlier than the target date.
For each search result, a link is provided to the CLIP database, so that you can look for more information about the ship, and see where we got our data from.

Many researchers will be interested in finding crew lists and agreements for a ship, and a second link against each ship opens a new page which lists any crew lists that we know about, and further links to sites like the Maritime History Archive, which have more comprehensive lists of holdings of crew lists.

Tidy the input data

Detail Entry CLIP comment
Port of registry No port is shown, so we cannot use that information to narrow the search.
From Not entered We assume 1857
To 1904

Tidied input data

So we are looking for the vessel DUNVEGAN CASTLE, port unknown, from 1857 to 1904

Search for a match

There are two entries which match this data in the Mercantile Navy List and/or Appropriation Books.
Official number Ship Port of registry First registered In MNL Register closed Crew lists Links
105854DUNVEGAN CASTLELONDON18961900-19201923 MHA  CLIP More...

The crew lists buttons link to the Maritime History Archive (MHA) Crew List Index and to the CLIP crew list index to show any crew lists for this ship held at MHA and at local record offices in Britain.

Click on the More... link to the right to find out more about the ship and the sources for our data.

If there is a range of dates to search, the results are colour coded to show how good the match is with your data:

Green shows a good match

Amber shows a fair match, for example if the MNL entries do not span your time frame

Red shows a poor match, for example if the ship is not shown in MNL within your time frame.

Search for more information

For more information and other possibilities, you can look up ships named DUNVEGAN CASTLE here: