Masters of the ship with official number 47274

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Masters named on crew lists

This is a list of the masters of this vessel as shown on the crew lists which CLIP has transcribed from the records held at local record offices.

The data is from the original CLIP transcription, together with data from transcription of documents held at Anglesey Archives, Devon Archives and the documents for Union-Castle ships held at Southampton City Archives.

The results are shown in date order using the dates of the voyages recorded on the crew list. The archive holding the document is shown, with their reference for the document, if available.

On the right of the results table is a link to a transcript of the crew list. Bear in mind that we have only transcribed the main details from the document. The original will always contain more information, for example it will probably show the voyages made during the period covered by the document.

Bear in mind also that we have only transcribed a relatively small number of documents. You can use the search form on this page to search for other official number, but the results may be disappointing.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make a list of the masters of a particular ship. Crew lists are a possible source and to help in tracking them down there is a link on the ships by official number page to the CLIP index and the Maritime History Archive (MHA) index.

Another sources would be Lloyd's Register (though this is limited to larger vessels, only the masters surname is given, and short-term changes may not appear). Some editions of this are available online. Lloyd's List might also be a possibility.

One further source would be newspaper shipping intelligence. It might be possible to search a local newspaper for the arrivals and departures of a particular ship, for which the master's surname would usually be shown.

Surname Forename Address Ship's name Port From To Archive Reference Links
LAWRENCEJAMESALVINGTONSALCOMBE13/3/18654/6/1866Devon RO1976/ALVINGTON/47274Transcript for this documentTranscript
HARNDENJOHNKINGSBRIDGE, DEVONALVINGTONSALCOMBE, 3/186511/3/18654/6/1866Devon RO1976/ALVINGTON/47274Transcript for this documentTranscript