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Ships by official number

This page is an index of ships by official number. Bear in mind that ships were often re-named so there may be several different names for the same vessel.

NB! Discrepancies between sources are common: we transcribe 'as seen'. Where the original source probably contains an error, such as a typo, we have marked our transcription with  ? . However, it is up to you to decide which you think is the definitive version.

The source of the information is shown. This may be shipping and fishing registers, the Mercantile Navy List (MNL) or the Appropriation Books at the Registry of Shipping and Seamen (RSS), in which case the port or ports at which the ship was registered are shown.

Known crew list holdings are also shown with a link to show the documents that we know about.

The index also shows any book references which quote the official number, showing the author's name first.

Please see the CLIP data page for more details on sources, the abbreviations we have used, and acknowledgements.

Board of Trade enquiry reports

Where we are aware that there is a Board of Trade enquiry report - a 'Wreck Report' - relating to the ship, we provide a link to the Southampton City Library site which has transcripts and images of these documents.

Where the ship's official number and/or port of registry is not shown (or is incorrect in the report), we have deduced it from the other information in the report, in which case we have shown it in square brackets like this: [12345] of [London].

This data set is not yet complete and we are gradually adding to it. Many thanks to Sid Barnett for helping to compile this index

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The database includes every British registered ship from 1855 to the early 1950s with official numbers 1 to 200000. It was last updated on 5th January 2021 and contains 776656 entries.

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Name Port of registry and details Source
STAMBOULNorth Shields, Crew lists 1872 Crew lists, Tyne & Wear AS   View details of crew lists at Tyne & Wear AS 
North Shields, Sail, Barque MNL, 1880   View entry for STAMBOUL in MNL 1880, page 527 
North Shields, Sail, Condemned, 12/12/1882 MNL (closures), 1883 
Shields, 1851, Sail, 381 tons Appropriation Books, RSS   View entry for STAMBOUL in Appropriation Books 
Shields, Crew lists 1863 Crew lists, Tyne & Wear AS   View details of crew lists at Tyne & Wear AS 
Shields MNL, 1857   View entry for STAMBOUL in MNL 1857, page  
Shields, Sail, 350 tons MNL, 1860   View entry for STAMBOUL in MNL 1860, page  
Shields, Sail MNL, 1870   View entry for STAMBOUL in MNL 1870, page 363 

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