Transcript of crew list: ALICE, 29420, 5/9/1867 to 15/4/1868, Log book

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Crew lists and agreements for British registered ships show details of the ship, the owners and the master with a list of the crew.

This is a transcript of the details shown on a crew list which CLIP has transcribed from the records held at local archives.

More details of crew lists are here: Crew lists

Reading the transcript

This page is linked from other pages, such as our indexes of seafarers.

If there are more documents for the ship for that year, links to them will be displayed at the top of the page so that you can search for other records for the seafarer or the ship.

The Ship details section of the transcript shows the details taken from the front page of the document, or the header for half-yearly returns.

It also shows the name of the archive holding the document and the archive reference.

The Crew names section shows a transcript of the entries for the crew, in the order in which they appear in the original document. If the link to this page comes from the index of seafarers, that person's record will be highlighted. Crew members occasionally signed off and then signed on again, so it is a good idea to scan all through the list.

The original crew list will show more detail than our transcript so it is well worth obtaining a copy of the document. For example, it will show the person's wages and when they signed on and off. There may also be details of the voyages, records of any disciplinary matters and accidents to the ship.

Data sources

This data is taken from the crew lists and agreements which are held at:

The documents cover the period 1863 to 1913.

Other transcripts of crew lists for this ship for 1868:   5/9/1867 to 15/4/1868 16/3/1868 to 17/4/1868 16/4/1868 to 17/9/1868 16/4/1868 to 17/9/1868  

Ship details

Vessel  ALICE Dates  5/9/1867  to 15/4/1868
Official number  29420 List type  Log book
Ownership  Registered  BIDEFORD
  Tonnage  126 net
Master  WILLIAM JEWELL Archives Devon Archives and Local Studies
    Archives reference 1976/ALICE/29420

Crew names

Forename Surname Age/DOB Birthplace Capacity Previous vessel