Register index by official number for MELBOURNE, Main register prior to Merchant Shipping Act 1854, Volume 5, 1855-1855, B1231

This is a list of the ships shown in one particular register.

Note: The pages in shipping registers were often referred to as folios by the officials, and we have used that term in our lists.

The list can be sorted by folio or by ship's name, or by official number. Click on the down arrow on the column heading. The ship's official number is a link, which will show a list of all the register entries for that ship.

Some of the data is from the archive's catalogue, mainly online. Other data is taken from indexes of shipping and for some of these we have not been able to obtain the exact folio number, so the order is deduced from the data and may not be completely correct. Do please let us know of any errors.

Where we can, we have shown details of the vessel's registration and of the closure of the register.

For the Isle of Man registers, on the right of the index page is a link to a much more detailed transcript of the folio, including transactions and all owners. However, please be aware that we have not covered every detail and it will still be worth referring to the original document.

For the registers for Rochester, images are available online and we have provided links to them. Unfortunately, the Medway Archives site has changed (April 2018) and our links do not work. We will restore the links as soon as possible.

For the registers of Australian ports, a full index by folio is available, with links to images of each folio on the NAA site.

Folio Sort by folio Vessel Sort by folio ON Sort by official number Date Registry Detail Closed Reason for closure, or cross-reference Link
4ALERT1855Melbourne, 40/1855ImagesImages
55ALLEGRA1855Melbourne, 91/1855ImagesImages
68ALMA1855Melbourne, 104/1855ImagesImages
16ANN KEY1855Melbourne, 52/1855ImagesImages
22ATALANTA1855Melbourne, 58/1855ImagesImages
43AURORA1855Melbourne, 79/1855ImagesImages
44BOLD STRUGGLER1855Melbourne, 80/1855ImagesImages
70DON JUAN1855Melbourne, 106/1855ImagesImages
1ELLEN & ELIZABETH1855Melbourne, 37/1855ImagesImages
60EMMA1855Melbourne, 96/1855ImagesImages
7ESTHER ARTHUR1855Melbourne, 43/1855ImagesImages
61GEORGE1855Melbourne, 97/1855ImagesImages
21GIPSY1855Melbourne, 57/1855ImagesImages
59HARLEQUIN1855Melbourne, 95/1855ImagesImages
14I DARE1855Melbourne, 50/1855ImagesImages
48I DARE1855Melbourne, 84/1855ImagesImages
40JOHN SCOTT1855Melbourne, 76/1855ImagesImages
31KESTREL1855Melbourne, 67/1855ImagesImages
10LOUISA1855Melbourne, 46/1855ImagesImages
25LYDIA1855Melbourne, 61/1855ImagesImages
67MERCY1855Melbourne, 103/1855ImagesImages
34NAUTILUS1855Melbourne, 70/1855ImagesImages
42NIL DESPERANDUM1855Melbourne, 78/1855ImagesImages
71PANAMA1855Melbourne, 107/1855ImagesImages
72PLUMSTEAD1855Melbourne, 108/1855ImagesImages
37RETURN1855Melbourne, 73/1855ImagesImages
11SPEC1855Melbourne, 47/1855ImagesImages
47TALLY-HO1855Melbourne, 83/1855ImagesImages
2TRIDENT1855Melbourne, 38/1855ImagesImages
69VENUS1855Melbourne, 105/1855ImagesImages
8VIVID1855Melbourne, 44/1855ImagesImages
5CHARLOTTE75131855Melbourne, 41/1855ImagesImages
29BENGAL128511855Melbourne, 65/1855ImagesImages
6THOMAS WORTHINGTON154291855Melbourne, 42/1855ImagesImages
12SCOTIA315671855Melbourne, 48/1855ImagesImages
50EMILY ALLISON315861855Melbourne, 86/1855ImagesImages
65FISHERMAN316041855Melbourne, 101/1855ImagesImages
27KATE316271855Melbourne, 63/1855ImagesImages
35RUBY316321855Melbourne, 71/1855ImagesImages
20ADAH316591855Melbourne, 56/1855ImagesImages
51MARGARET NICOL316781855Melbourne, 87/1855ImagesImages
52BURRA BURRA316791855Melbourne, 88/1855ImagesImages
33MEDWAY317071855Melbourne, 69/1855ImagesImages
39MEDWAY317071855Melbourne, 75/1855ImagesImages
45RED JACKET317581855Melbourne, 81/1855ImagesImages
13IRIS317751855Melbourne, 49/1855ImagesImages
38BRILLIANT317931855Melbourne, 74/1855ImagesImages
28LUCY JAMES318161855Melbourne, 64/1855ImagesImages
41MYSTERY318171855Melbourne, 77/1855ImagesImages
49EUROPE318181855Melbourne, 85/1855ImagesImages
53WAITEMATA318191855Melbourne, 89/1855ImagesImages
58ALLIGATOR318201855Melbourne, 94/1855ImagesImages
36MORNING STAR318231855Melbourne, 72/1855ImagesImages
62MORNING STAR318231855Melbourne, 98/1855ImagesImages
54VILLAGE BELLE318251855Melbourne, 90/1855ImagesImages
56IONA319201855Melbourne, 92/1855ImagesImages
63ELIZABETH319341855Melbourne, 99/1855ImagesImages
57JANE320421855Melbourne, 93/1855ImagesImages
15ELIZABETH322231855Melbourne, 51/1855ImagesImages
23MONTEZUMA324751855Melbourne, 59/1855ImagesImages
17DOUGLAS326981855Melbourne, 53/1855ImagesImages
26FLY369661855Melbourne, 62/1855ImagesImages
9ZILLAH401541855Melbourne, 45/1855ImagesImages
64PELSART401621855Melbourne, 100/1855ImagesImages
18ALBION401931855Melbourne, 54/1855ImagesImages
32CHALLENGER403531855Melbourne, 68/1855ImagesImages
46MISSIE408971855Melbourne, 82/1855ImagesImages
19GEM409011855Melbourne, 55/1855ImagesImages
3HARBINGER409141855Melbourne, 39/1855ImagesImages
30RANGER409211855Melbourne, 66/1855ImagesImages
66WILD DUCK414441855Melbourne, 102/1855ImagesImages
24HERCULES414671855Melbourne, 60/1855ImagesImages