Register index by folio for KIRKCUDBRIGHT, Register of Shipping, 1824-1833, CE 51/5/16

This is a list of the ships shown in one particular register.

Note: The pages in shipping registers were often referred to as folios by the officials, and we have used that term in our lists.

The list can be sorted by folio or by ship's name, or by official number. Click on the down arrow on the column heading. The ship's official number is a link, which will show a list of all the register entries for that ship.

Some of the data is from the archive's catalogue, mainly online. Other data is taken from indexes of shipping and for some of these we have not been able to obtain the exact folio number, so the order is deduced from the data and may not be completely correct. Do please let us know of any errors.

Where we can, we have shown details of the vessel's registration and of the closure of the register.

For the Isle of Man registers, on the right of the index page is a link to a much more detailed transcript of the folio, including transactions and all owners. However, please be aware that we have not covered every detail and it will still be worth referring to the original document.

For the registers for Rochester, images are available online and we have provided links to them. Unfortunately, the Medway Archives site has changed (April 2018) and our links do not work. We will restore the links as soon as possible.

For the registers of Australian ports, a full index by folio is available, with links to images of each folio on the NAA site.

Folio Sort by folio Vessel Sort by folio ON Sort by official number Date Registry Detail Closed Reason for closure, or cross-reference Link
1ELIZABETH OF KIRKCUDBRIGHT24/2/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
2HEART OF OAK20/4/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
3MARY OF KIRCUDBRIGHT4/5/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
4KIRKCUDBRIGHT CASTLE22/5/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
5ISABELLA1/6/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
6JOHN & MARY3/6/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
7THOMAS4/6/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
8SUCCESS14/6/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
9ALEXANDER & JENNY17/6/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
10JANE & ELLEN30/6/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
11BRAUCEY ANN24/8/1824Kirkcudbright, 1824
12WELLINGTON17/1/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
13EUPHEMIA2/2/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
14CARDONESS CASTLE4/3/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
15LADY ANN MURRAY30/3/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
16FRIENDS31/3/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
17MARY & JEAN4/4/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
18LORD ELLENSBOROUGH11/4/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
19DRUID28/4/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
20KEITH STEWART5/5/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
21MARGARET4/5/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
22SPEEDWELL11/6/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
23SKELDON20/7/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
24MATHEWS26/7/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
25LIBERTY26/7/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
26CLEMINTINA27/7/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
27EXPERIMENT27/7/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
28GENERAL BOLIVAR8/8/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
29SAINT ANDREW19/9/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
30GOOD INTENT6/10/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
31ISOBELLA16/11/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
32MARY17/11/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
33MARGARET AGNES25/11/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
34RANBERRY CASTLE26/11/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
35FAVOURITE26/11/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
36PEGGY & JENNY7/12/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
37ANN10/12/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
38PATRICIA13/12/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
39JAMES15/12/1825Kirkcudbright, 1825
40DINORWICK2/1/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
41RANGER4/1/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
42AMELIA4/1/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
43GENERAL BOLIVAR11/1/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
44AGNES LOWDEN8/2/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
45GORDON8/2/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
46JANE11/3/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
47MARGARET25/3/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
48JEAN & MARGARET1/4/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
49MARY & JEAN5/6/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
50SKELDON6/6/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
51JESSIE13/7/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
52PATRICIA27/9/1826Kirkcudbright, 1826
53BROTHERS17/2/1827Kirkcudbright, 1827
54SAINT CUTHBERT20/6/1827Kirkcudbright, 1827
55STONE BEAT25/6/1827Kirkcudbright, 1827
56FRIENDS1/7/1827Kirkcudbright, 1827
57WILLIAM & MARY OF URR28/8/1827Kirkcudbright, 1827
58MARY & AGNES OF URR28/8/1827Kirkcudbright, 1827
59HERRIES3/10/1827Kirkcudbright, 1827
60HEART OF OAK OF URR9/4/1928Kirkcudbright, 1928
61SHELDON20/6/1828Kirkcudbright, 1828
62ROB ROY20/6/1828Kirkcudbright, 1828
63HOPE20/7/1828Kirkcudbright, 1828
64LADY ANNE MURRAY OF GATEHOUSE30/9/1828Kirkcudbright, 1828
65EARL OF SELKIRK OF KIRKCUDBRIGHT1/11/1828Kirkcudbright, 1828
66THOMAS WILSON BLACK OF URR28/11/1828Kirkcudbright, 1828
67HOPE OF KIRKCUDBRIGHT9/12/1828Kirkcudbright, 1828
68MARY & ANN9/2/1829Kirkcudbright, 1829
69DERWENT OF URR19/5/1829Kirkcudbright, 1829
70ARGONAUT OF FISHOUSE27/6/1829Kirkcudbright, 1829
71ISABELLA23/7/1829Kirkcudbright, 1829
72WILLIAM & BETSY15/9/1829Kirkcudbright, 1829
73SCARTICO OF KIRCUDBRIGHT19/11/1829Kirkcudbright, 1829
74LORD ELLENBOROUGH10/3/1830Kirkcudbright, 1830
75SPEEDWELL17/3/1830Kirkcudbright, 1830
76FRIENDS25/3/1830Kirkcudbright, 1830
77JOHN & BETSEY18/6/1830Kirkcudbright, 1830
78JESSIE25/8/1830Kirkcudbright, 1830
79SWALLOW9/12/1830Kirkcudbright, 1830
80LILLIAS9/3/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
81CARDONESS CASTLE14/3/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
82MARY ANN22/3/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
83JANE27/5/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
84WELCOME15/8/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
85MARY ANN11/7/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
86ELIZABETH10/9/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
87CARDONESS CASTLE10/11/1831Kirkcudbright, 1831
88CLEMENTINE14/2/1832Kirkcudbright, 1832
89EXPERIMENT2/7/1832Kirkcudbright, 1832
90LILLIAS9/7/1832Kirkcudbright, 1832
91FREEDOM5/12/1832Kirkcudbright, 1832
92LADY MAXWELL11/1/1833Kirkcudbright, 1833
93WELCOME20/4/1833Kirkcudbright, 1833
94ARGONAUTA26/4/1833Kirkcudbright, 1833
95NECTARINA1/5/1833Kirkcudbright, 1833
96LORN13/5/1833Kirkcudbright, 1833
Data source: Archives catalogue and index