Shipping registers held at Kent Archives and Local History

This is a list of the shipping registers held by an archive or for a particular port.

The data is from the archives' catalogues, mainly online.

For some registers, we are able to provide a basic index for a register, by folio (page). In these cases, there will be a link to the index on the right hand side of the table. In some cases, the index includes a limited transcript of the folio, showing details of the vessel's registration, and in some cases details of the closure of the register.

For the Isle of Man registers, on the right of the index page is a link to a much more detailed transcript of the folio, including transactions and all owners. However, we can't cover every detail and it will still be worth referring to the original document.

For the registers for Rochester, images are available online and we provide a link to them for each entry (This is not functional at present, but we will restore this as soon as possible).

For the register for Canadian ports, many image sets are available online via the Canadiana site. Where possible, we have provided a direct link to the image for the first page of the register. For some registers, the images are continued on the next reel. The reels are numbered consecutively, so changing the reel number and page number in the URL will take you to the next page. For example, a URL that includes c1234/567 will be continued on c1235/1.

For the registers of Australian ports, a full index is available, with links to images of each folio on the NAA site.

Port Title Reference Links
Deal Shipping Register, 1825-1854 RBS/De1/1
Shipping Register, 1855-1878 RBS/De1/2
Dover Shipping Register, 1824-1829 RBS/Do1/1
Shipping Register, 1829-1845 RBS/Do1/2
Shipping Register, 1845-1855 RBS/Do1/3
Shipping register, 1855-1912 RBS/Do1/4
Shipping register, 1913-1967 RBS/Do1/5
Shipping register, 1967-1988 RBS/Do1/6
Shipping register, 1988-1994 RBS/Do1/7
Index register, 1855-1988 RBS/Do1/8
Transaction book, 1855-1970 RBS/Do2/1
Transfer book: Number 1, 1971-1993 RBS/Do2/2
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1891-1941 RBS/Do3/1
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1941-1988 RBS/Do3/2
Appropriation book, 1855-1994 RBS/Do4/1
Faversham Shipping Register, 1824-1826 RBS/Fa1/1
Shipping Register, 1826-1831 RBS/Fa1/2
Shipping Register, 1831-1841 RBS/Fa1/3
Shipping Register, 1841-1848 RBS/Fa1/4
Shipping Register, 1848-1855 RBS/Fa1/5
Shipping Register, 1855-1862 RBS/Fa1/6
Shipping Register, 1862-1871 RBS/Fa1/7
Shipping Register, 1871-1883 RBS/Fa1/8
Shipping Register, 1883-1903 RBS/Fa1/9
Shipping register, 1903-1968 RBS/Fa1/10
Shipping register, 1968-1974 RBS/Fa1/11
Shipping register, 1974-1982 RBS/Fa1/12
Shipping register, 1983-1987 RBS/Fa1/13
Index to RBS/Fa1/10-13, 1903-1988 RBS/Fa1/14
Transaction Book, 1855-1916 RBS/Fa2/1
Transaction Book, 1870-1916 RBS/Fa2/2
Transaction Book, 1900-1958 RBS/Fa2/3
Fishing Boat Register, 1869-1923 RBS/Fa3/1
Fishing Boat Register, 1879-1914 RBS/Fa3/2
Fishing Boat Register, 1902-1973 RBS/Fa3/3
Register of sea fishing vessels, 1921-1989 RBS/Fa3/4
Appropriation book, 1854-1991 RBS/Fa4/1
Transfer book, 1968-1993 RBS/Fa5/1
Transfer book, 1989-1994 RBS/Fa5/2
Registration papers for individual vessels, 1897-1994 RBS/Fa6
Folkestone Shipping Register, 1855-1931 RBS/Fo1/1
Shipping register, 1855-1931 RBS/Fo1/2
Shipping register, 1956-1975 RBS/Fo1/3
Shipping register, 1976-1985 RBS/Fo1/4
Transactions book, 1855-1916 RBS/Fo2/1
Transfer book: Number 1, 1979-1994 RBS/Fo2/2
Fishing Register 2, 1904-1943 RBS/Fo3/1
Fishing Register 3, 1943-1969 RBS/Fo3/2
Fishing Register 4, 1962-1972 RBS/Fo3/3
Fishing Register 5, 1972-1984 RBS/Fo3/4
Fishing Register 6, 1985-1988 RBS/Fo3/5
Correspondence, 1988 RBS/Fo4/1
Appropriation book, 1931-1989 RBS/Fo5/1
Ramsgate Shipping Register, 1854-1855 RBS/Ra1/1
Shipping Register, 1855-1868 RBS/Ra1/2
Shipping Register, 1868-1876 RBS/Ra1/3
Shipping Register, 1876-1891 RBS/Ra1/4
Shipping Register, 1891-1903 RBS/Ra1/5
Shipping register, 1903-1925 RBS/Ra1/6
Shipping register, 1926-1980 RBS/Ra1/7
Shipping register, 1980-1982 RBS/Ra1/8
Shipping register, 1982-1988 RBS/Ra1/9
Shipping register, 1989-1992 RBS/Ra1/10
Index to shipping registers, 1853-1988 RBS/Ra1/11
Transaction book, 1855-1884 RBS/Ra2/1
Transaction book, 1876-1931 RBS/Ra2/2
Transfer book: 'Book 1', 1981-1994 RBS/Ra2/3
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1876-1931 RBS/Ra3/1
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1869-1872 RBS/Ra3/2
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1869-1888 RBS/Ra3/3
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1869-1902 RBS/Ra3/4
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1886-1907 RBS/Ra3/5
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1886-1946 RBS/Ra3/6
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1846-1970 RBS/Ra3/7
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1971-1978 RBS/Ra3/8
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1979-1987 RBS/Ra3/9
Register of Fishing Vessels, 1987-1988 RBS/Ra3/10
Appropriation book, 1855-1990 RBS/Ra4/1
Sandwich Shipping Register, 1786-1823 RBS/Sa1/1
Shipping Register, 1824-1831 RBS/Sa1/2
Shipping Register, 1831-1842 RBS/Sa1/3
Shipping register, 1843-1854 RBS/Sa1/4